This Site is a micro-site belonging to Hartlepool Borough Council -

"The power of the web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect." Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web.

The team behind this web site hope that, whoever needs to use it, can do so easily.

If you do have problems, or would like to make any suggestions to improve the site from an accessibility point of view, please get in touch with us. Talk to us about the problem and we will listen.

As the producers of Hartlepool Waterfront Festival, Hartlepool Borough Council believes that access to arts, events and culture is for all and that accessibility should be woven in to how we produce all of our events.

Festival Site
Our site is entirely paved, allowing full access to wheelchair users.

All of our main walk-ways have been made step-free to ensure that all of our visitors have the same experience.

The site is quite large, so we would recommend using a walking-aid if you usually would. Alternatively, please contact our friends at Hartlepool Shop Mobility.

Relaxed Performances
The two stages at Hartlepool Waterfront Festival can be quite loud, however we have sufficient space to allow for visitors to stand where they feel most comfortable. If you require a quiet space, or a space away from crowds, please ask any of our festival staff and we’ll be happy to assist.

Much of our programme of outdoor theatre, performances and creative activity is relaxed, owing to the fact that it is specifically performed for the outdoors.

Much of our programme will be BSL interpreted. Pay attention to the programme for specific performances that are BSL interpreted. This programme is available online and will be available on-site over the weekend.

We aim to have at least one BSL interpreted performance taking place constantly during the festival.


Accessible Toilets are available on-site.

Alternative Formats
Please feel free to email us for information in alternative formats. We can be contacted at